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Look Around You in Ways You Never Have Before

Refuse to acknowledge lying allegations.

This is not a bomb-in-the-van kind of joint.

Try to find little sisters in this desert,

even if you are not sure you can find them here.

Close your ears to the shouting of angry men and

listen for the distant shimmering wind.

With so much uproar, it’s hard to find truth on mountaintops.

You have to stand in the mud like everybody else.

People struggle all over the world to be able to live their lives

free from persecution based only on which side of an unjust border you

were born.

Free to earn a livable wage.

Free from Occupation and Apartheid.

Free to travel and to return to a safe place called home.

Desires that motivated migrants to settle in this land.

But this land was not empty when you arrived

causing massive displacement of native populations

with home demolitions, land seizures,

and continued refusal of their right to return.

Forced out of your homeland as a threat to your country.

You can be deported to a place you’ve never been even though you were

born here.

Systems of violence. Murderous conquest.

Is eliminating enemies of the state only a problem to be solved?

Never a moral reflection?

How do we ambush them and where do we put them when they are dead?

From the safety of their offices,

these fine thinkers are the ones who dictate,

who pay other men to kill their goats and to kill their enemies.

The world is full of destroyers.

All is calculation and discipline.

No one here will care.

Hearts flutter in the hot winds, searching endlessly for the dead.

And the dead are found everywhere

in makeshift camps–a waterless Dead Sea.

The Holy Land cannot erase history

or those nationals fighting for survival.

With every home demolished, peace becomes more elusive and unattainable.

Scattering walls burned to cinders.

Families dropped into dust under the unforgiving sun.

Rootless for years.

Sealed off from the rest of the world.

And the children?

They fall to earth writhing in pain, burning from the dark cut of a bullet.

Submit, flee or die should never be their only choices.

We can do better.

All you have left is yourself

to work for a safer future for all people.

Long live who?

Think a long time before answering!

– Janice S. Urbsaitis –
Summer 2016

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